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When our cells become toxic, poisoned with heavy metals via air, food, water… & radiation from Electricity, Radio & TV, Radar & Sonar which all create electromagnetic frequency fields. Our immune system creates a fever & produce a solvent known as an ‘EXOSOME’ to cleanse its self & excrete the dead & damaged RNA/DNA waste material through the cells membrane, to be consumed by the naturally existing good bacteria in our bodies…!


The video link below is an excellent education on viruses, bacteria, colds & flu’s & how we are lied to from birth to keep the allopathic “health” system alive.


This ‘Plandemic’ is a ‘False Flag Psyop’s Propaganda Operation’… & is being used to instil fear into the population of the world, so WE obey authority without question… While draconian… ‘Acts & Statutes’ which are NOT LAW… are implemented & enforced… to remove our liberties & freedoms..! Can anyone say pre-World War II – Germany.

SHAME on the MAINSTREAM MEDIA for BEING COMPLICIT with the puppet governments of the oligarch elites… in ‘TREASON’… AGAINST… ‘WE THE PEOPLE’…!

We are being lied to on a monumental scale & here’s how..!



The ‘Rockerfeller Foundation’ [Standard Oil]… Circa 1900’s… began to dominate the pharmaceutical industry..! They propagated the myth of ‘VIRUSES & GERM THEORY’… (made up terminology) & used propaganda to instil fear into the populous of the world, to sell their petrochemical based pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, disinfectants… etc… “Follow the money”..!

“FEAR is the oldest tool of power… while your distracted by fear of those around you (social distancing) your not looking up above you & seeing who the real peadophile criminals are”..!

‘How big oil conquered the world & ‘Big Pharma’..!


All throughout mans history and right up to the current day. THE PRIME cause of ‘INFLUENZA’… & it’s associated symptoms, has always been the SUN’S ☀️ ‘CORONA’… MASS EJECTIONS / SUN FLARES… (note the term ‘Corona’…) which during periods of intense annual cyclical activity, produce powerful Electromagnetic Radio Frequency, Fields… in the Earths 🌍 Atmosphere… which affects ALL LIFE at a cellular level here on Earth. Man,🧍🏽Animals, 🦌 Plants 🌱 Trees🌲 Birds, 🦢 Insects, 🐝 even… Fish. 🐠

Electromagnetic Radio Frequencies Fields of ALL kinds cause two types of… ’INFLUENZA’ symptoms. RESPIRATORY & NEUROLOGICAL.!

The ‘RESPIRATORY’ symptoms… consist of a fever, nasal mucus, catarrh, phlegm, bronchial pneumonia, pleurisy, etc…

The ‘NEUROLOGICAL’ symptoms aka ‘Neurasthenia’… cause irritability, anxiety, panic attacks,, depression, sleeping disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome… etc… all of which the pseudoscience of psychiatry, has labelled ‘mental illnesses’…

ALL of the naturally occurring ‘Flu’ pandemics over the last two century’s have coincided with & been COMPOUNDED by, the discovery of ‘Electricity’ – ‘Radio’ & ‘TV’’ – ‘Radar & Sonar’… Frequencies… & the quantum leap of implementation and worldwide distribution of all these technologies..! ALL of these frequencies & the dangerous levels at which these technologies operate at, increased the mortality rate, during the naturally occurring pandemics & are also responsible for the rapid increase in a whole host of additional, now mainstream medical related illnesses and conditions… which prior to the 1800’s we’re extremely rare, virtually unknown & unheard of..! Heart disease, lung disease, liver, kidney, cancer, diabetes etc… All of these dis-eases began to appear more frequently at the turn of the 19th century & ALL have risen exponentially in the last two centuries… & continue to plague mankind to this very day. COINCIDENCE..??? NO..!!!

COVID-19’ = (Certificate of Vaccination Identification 2019)… it’s NOT a medical term..!

CORONAVIRUS is a LIE’..! It’s a ‘Smoke Screen’ a ‘False Flag’ operation… a ‘Dog & Pony Show’… that has been set up to be the ‘Scapegoat’ for the ‘REAL KILLER’… the ‘REAL ELEPHANT’ in the ROOM… ‘5G’..!

The peadophile oligarch elites, like nothing else better, than to shove it right under your nose, as to what is the real cause of ‘INFLUENZA’… ‘Coronal Mass Ejections’ of the SUN ☀️ …hence the ‘Bogus False Flag’ term ‘CORONAVIRUS’… because they think we’re to dumb to figure it out..!

The dangerous higher millimetre microwave frequencies that ‘5G’ operates at, cause the exact same respiratory & neurological symptoms as ‘INFLUENZA’… however in addition also also inhibit our cells abilities to absorb oxygen & also de-structures the water molecules in our bodies..! Evidence of all these symptoms were seen in ‘Wuhan-China’…. ‘Northern Italy’… ‘Spain’… & on the ‘Cruise Ship’… that were ALL 5G enabled..! All the people who were affected by this new dangerous technology, also had previous underlying health issues & illnesses..!

When ‘5G’ is fully deployed & implemented worldwide, by the telecom corporatocracies, that are owned & run, by the peadophile oligarch elites… in their push & grab for worldwide totalitarian domination, power & control & the reduction of the world’s population by 90%..! It’ll be the BOGUS – ‘Coronavirus’… that’ll be blamed for all the deaths… (the perfect patsy just like ‘Oswald’ was in the JFK assassination)… & NOT THE REAL SILENT KILLER 5G..!



Ref: book ‘THE INVISIBLE RAINBOW’ 🌈 A History of Electricity & Life… by Arthur Firstenberg

A Hand Under my Tent. Spirit or Creature?

People across the world, need to be aware, that there is a ‘Clear & Present’ danger… in the form of undisclosed (by stayed science) of bipedal hominid… Known around the world by many different names. ‘BigFoot’ (N.America)… is also more commonly known throughout British history as ‘The WildMan of the Woods’… the ‘WudWusa’ or the ‘GreenMan’..! Encounters with these hominids… stretches back throughout the long history of the British Isles & currently to this day. These hominids are to be found ALL over the planet. Known by their many regional names. ‘Sasquatch’ (Canada). Almas’ (Russia). ‘Yeti/Abominable SnowMan’ (Himalayas). ‘Yeren’ (China). ‘Yowie’ (Australia). Many who have seen this ‘Hominid Being’… have had no frame of reference with which to compare it too. So here in Britain in particular, they described it the best way that could with what they had seen. Most of the researchers, in the Big Foot Community, all know that ‘BigFoot’ is a peeker, from behind trees & through bushes..! Hence all the Legends & Myths over here in the ‘British Isles’ grew in myth & legend as the ‘GreenMan’… and are based solely, on what a person had seen the ‘BigFoot’ doing, peeking through the bushes. Most if not ALL of the artistic representations I’ve seen on the net, if you do a search. Are all very arty farty..! Making the real TRUTH about ‘BigFoot’ – the ‘Wildman of the Woods’ – the ‘WudWusa’ – the GreenMan’… peeking through the bushes, look more like a mythical man with leaves for hair.
Make of this new information, as you will..! For… “An enlightened man can entertain contradictory ideas and reserve judgment until he has conclusive evidence? – Aristotle And… “Falling into the habit of accepting what other people tell you to think, causes you to lose the power to think for your self”.

What I & many others living here in the UK have found, is that if you do enough of your own research & digging… a totally different picture begins to emerge & comes to light, that has been hidden (occulted) from us (the general population of the world) & challenges to the very core, the paradigm, that we have all grown up to know & believe to be correct & true. However, truth is stranger than fiction..!

Just because someone doesn’t believe something, doesn’t necessarily make that something, not true..!

The Home of BBR Investigations

Deb I only contacted you after much toing and froing as I am a wild camper and quite well known in some circles,they didn’t call it ‘wild’ camping back when I started as a boy, it was just a night off the farm in those days, my Family ran a beef and dairy farm and it was long hours for not much pay. We always had food and plenty to barter with but ready cash was always in short supply. In the countryside people hunt their food still and back then it was more prevalent, pigeon, duck, rabbit and hare were a welcome catch. Now it’s frowned upon by some, but I was brought up alongside nature and one day I will return to it. It’s all just a circle. I would go off with my Brothers or my Friends from around the area, we would head up on the…

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‘The British BigFoot’… aka ‘The GreenMan’..!

‘The GreenMan’
‘The GreenMan’ – Coming to a Wood near YOU..!

The British ‘BigFoot’… of Britain… aka the ‘GREENMAN’… is also more commonly known throughout British history as ‘The WildMan of the Woods’… or the ‘WoodWose’..! These hominids & the encounters with them, stretches back throughout the history of the British Isles & worldwide, are to be found ALL over the planet, currently to this day. Known by their many regional names. ‘BigFoot’ (N.America). ‘Sasquatch’ (Canada). Almas’ (Russia). ‘Yeti/Abominable SnowMan’ (Himalayas). ‘Yeren’ (China). ‘Yowie’ (Australia). Many who have had seen this ‘Hominid’ have had no frame of reference with which to compare it too. So they described it the best way that they could with what they had seen.

The GreenMan’ – ‘WildMan of the Woods’

Those in the (‘BFC’) Big Foot Community all know that ‘BigFoot/Sasquatch’… is a peeker from behind trees & through bushes..! Hence all the Legends & Myths over here in the ‘British Isles’ about the ‘GreenMan’… are based on what a person had seen ‘BigFoot/Sasquatch’ doing exactly that, peeking through the bushes. Most, if not ALL of the artistic representations, seen on the net, if you do a search. Are all very artyfied ..! Making the real TRUTH about ‘The GreenMan’ – ‘The Wildman of the Woods’ – ‘WoodWoose’ – peeking through the bushes, look more like a mythical man with leaves for hair. The fabulous drawing presented here by kind permission of my friend the artist #lesleysageartist is stunningly realistic & the closest.. representation IMHO of the ‘Hominid’ that people throughout history, have really seen..!!! If you’ve had an experience / encounter you’d like to share, then please get in touch: BigFootUK@Hotmail.Com

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